Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Striped Vaiyuu!

Hello visitors and future subscribers!

I'm Stingite, curator of this fine establishment. I currently plan on writing a little bit about my adventures while I nuke my way through Rift, an MMO by Trion. From initial impressions, this is a great game and one that's definitely worthy of a few words.

So far in the game I'm a level 15 Kelari Defiant Cleric riding on a level awesome zebra thing.

(Thanks again to my friend Dina for floating me a loan of a couple plat so I could buy this thing)

I do believe the technical name for that mount is the Striped Vaiyuu, which came from Stryper being mixed with Steve Vai.

mmhmm! Somehow those equal this:

Yeah, I don't get it either . . . I'm just making crap up now.

Anyway, welcome to the blog! I'll try to post at least once a week for a while. :)

Happy Dueling!

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