Sunday, May 8, 2011

Couple of Boss Fight Videos: Level 18-19

Here in my late teens, I'm starting to understand that in boss fights with my character, outlasting is the name of the game. This doesn't always make for the most interesting of combat scenarios, but on Bosses with high hitpoints, at least it doesn't mean I'm taking a dirt nap early.

Here's a good example of a fight where I just needed to outlast the boss: Jacob the Iron Tyrant. The fight was one of the more interesting I've run into solo out in the world. Basically you needed to destroy four idols and then just slowly bash away at Jacob until he gave it up.

This next video is of a boss that just looked awesome. Once again, the fight was pretty straight forward . . . he just looked cool. :) I present to you, Legul, Mr. fiery devil horns:

Good times. I'm really enjoying leveling in Rift so far. There have been challenging moments mixed with interesting changes in my play style. Things went from mana dumping nukes to trying to play a bit more conservatively.

. . . and it could very well just be my class choices and build . . .

Anyway, I should ding level 20 later today and move beyond the entrance to Stonefields. See you in Telera!

Happy Dueling!

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