Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Closing a Fire Rift and THINGER!

I haven't shown a video of me closing a rift yet (or any rift for that matter), so I thought I'd film some video of it. You may notice at the beginning of the quest I look slightly butt ugly. This is true because I was just finishing up a quest where you had to inspect stones while "trollified" to decipher them. But, of course, it's me, so I make ugly look gooooood. Check it out:

If I had worked a bit harder or buffed myself a bit, I might have killed him within the timer limit and caused a bonus round, but I wasn't really concerned about that. I just wanted to video myself closing a rift. XD

Also, since I felt so dirty from that whole transformation into a troll, I figured I'd do a little HULK SMASH to the most insane troll boss out there, THINGER!


It got pinchy there when I got an add, but I managed to pull out a win at the end there.

I'm extremely close to level 21 now! Woot!

Happy Dueling!

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