Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rift's Twitter Spammage

There was a time when Rift first came out of beta that my Twitter stream was spammed to heck by people who played Rift. I'm a couple months late to the party here and this doesn't really seem to be the case anymore. People that I followed seemed to grow tired of the spam and turned off their automatic updates to Twitter. (or, you know, they're not playing Rift right now . . .) One of the blogs on my blogroll even seems to be a Tumblr blog dedicated to achievement spam.

Anyway, from what I can tell, setting up your Twitter spam feed works one of two ways.

1) Log in to Twitter manually when the occasion strikes you (the log in is kind of hidden back in a tab of your settings dialog box).

2) Set up your social media from the patcher and log in automatically when you log on to Rift.

You can't hide that Twitter login from me! Now that I'm playing Rift . . . MUHAHAHAHA, it's my turn to spam!

But in all seriousness, I love this feature. More MMOs should develop social media feeds because, you know, MMOs are social games. In fact, all Trion needs now is a simple way to Livestream, and they will have effectively dominated social media even moreso than they already have.

On the other hand . . . as incredibly smart as this feature is, some of these updates when I accomplish something in game become immediately recognizable and ignorable to the people who read it on my Twitter stream (because it is spam after all). I'd take (and I'm sure they'd take) a blog post with a nicely written description over Twitter feed spam any day.

On that note, here's my Twitter spam accomplishments from my Rift play yesterday with just slightly more information to help describe what's going on.


Stingite: I earned this achievement: All Things Defiant!

You earn the All Things Defiant achievement when you wander around and find eight locations in Meridian. Easy achievement. I just happened to wander into Orphiel's observatory yesterday and BLING! ACHIEVEMENT SPAM FOR MY FOLLOWERS! WOOT!


Stingite: I earned this achievement: Roamer of the March!

You earn this achievement when you wander off the beaten path in Freemarch and finally fill in your map. Nineteen locations in total. In this picture you see me strafing around by a not too often visited location that has a couple of group quests that were easily soloable at level 26.


Stingite: I earned this achievement: The Long March!

You earn this achievement when you complete all 103 quests that Freemarch has to offer. Yay me!


Stingite: I earned this achievement: Verily Downstream!

You earn this achievement when you complete a rift event in Freemarch where you banish Veras, a water boss in Freemarch. Verily get yourself downstream with doth badeth selfeth we saideth to the Veras!


Stingite: I earned this achievement: Apprentice Crafter!

Basically, this is the achievement you get when you craft an unknown amount of items. Yesterday was the first time I really fiddled around with crafting, and I made a number of Tin Boots and turned a bunch of hides into leather.


All of these achievements eventually tally into a "score" for your character. My total score so far is 145, which if you were to compare Rift to say Pacman, then I guess I've just beat the cherry and strawberry levels and I'm about to go on to oranges. ;-) ONWARD TO THE KEY LEVELS!

You know, part of me would like to set up a separate Twitter account for all my Rift spam, so I could continue to catalog it though because I think it is valuable information, well for me at least. I like collecting things like this for information purposes and possible blog post fodder. In fact, I may do that. Thanks for helping me decide to do that. :p

Happy Dueling!

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  1. Well I didn't know you were a Rift player :P I played it a little at PAX Prime and some in beta, its a great game I really should get it :P