Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spoils of War Update

I went to go log into Rift this morning, and I was greeted with a cool new picture in the patcher I hadn't seen before and an update button for Patch 1.12: The Spoils of War!

This led me to the patch notes and the prelude to the Spoils of War Update, which I hadn't read yet:
RIFT 1.2
May 4-9

Shell of mystery, rain of richesStrange things—stranger than usual, that is—are emerging from the rifts of Fire and Earth. Fragments of ancient golden dragon eggs lie scattered wherever the Flame- or Earthtouched set foot. Even stranger, coins have been raining into both Sanctum and Meridian, inspiring unusual greed in the locals. Neither Guardian nor Defiant scholars can solve this mystery without studying these shells and coins, so the Ascended must collect as many specimens as possible.

Beginning May 4 and lasting until RIFT 1.2: The Spoils of War goes live on May 10, these golden shells and sinister coins will spread a hint of mystery and the lure of easy riches throughout Telara. Your faction will offer several daily quests to gather samples of each.

The gifts of burning greedEach of the four daily quests to collect these strange relics will grant you a unique item containing a random treasure prized by the Ascended. Rare artifacts, crafting currency, and plaques of achievement can all be found within.

Hmm, I'm quite young in the game, so I've yet to run into an Earth or Fire rift. I've only seen Death and Water rifts.

Guess I better get leveling! Sounds like fun. It does sound like I might get the chance to race for coins though. You know what that means, right? More Mario music videos! ;-)

Happy Dueling!

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