Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cool Rift Screens 13-May

Just wanted to share a few screenshots from Rift that I took yesterday and talk about them a little bit.

This view was just stunning the first time I came upon it. (Click on that to make it bigger btw.)

That's totally Desktop background worthy right there! :) This is one of the bigger getaways in The Stonefield called Granite Falls. As beautiful as this place looks, it's horribly haunted, which also mean EXP goodness in the early 20's here for Stingite (currently level 22). This location has been much more inviting than the horribly mountainous Coterie Camp. I feel like I could stay here for a while and get a spa treatment (like Tony Hawk at the Blue Lagoon, yo).

Next up is this picture of a Stonefeather pecking the heck out of me.

. . . and here I thought I had sucked all the rage out of him with my rage vacuum machine. (Strange quest.) ;-)

Third screenshot comes from an area of The Stonefield called Titan's Rest.

As you can see, it's called Titan's rest because it's the remains of a giant titan. I ran all over the top of his remains and gathered information about it (no, the million other rift players scanning the remains for information didn't stop this scientific endeavor or make me feel like a cheap date). Inside the skull there, you can steal a bag from some miners and get the title "the red handed." They all instantly turn on you and attack you btw . . . just be ready . . . dirty thief.

Good times in The Stonefield so far! Hope you liked the screenshots.

Happy Dueling!

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