Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Refer a Friend Program

I gotta say it's great to see Trion following suit as with so many MMO companies before them and providing a "Refer a Friend" program for Rift. I also gotta say, the rewards are pretty awesome (although free game time is always appreciated as a a refer a friend reward . . . jus' sayin' . . . read on!)

All the details about the refer a friend program can be found here.

Basically if you get your friends to sign up you can earn one of three rewards depending on how many of your friends take the bait!

1 friend = Lassie!

2 friends = Pirate hat!


And now the moment you've all been waiting for!!! MY REFER A FRIEND CODE WOOT! ;p

click me and join!

Just think, it's the perfect opportunity to get on my friends list and auto-port to me every 30 minutes to bug me.

Happy Dueling!

1 comment:

  1. Dagnabbit, I want a fire-footed horse! So I’m desperate for invites to be snatched up for Rift! For anyone interested:


    I have plenty of crafters, so I’ll make any [b]one toon of your choosing an augmented piece of starter gear or a weapon, 10 starter-level mana or hp pots, and 1 plat [/b](one toon only!) to help you start out with training n’ such, IF you are guardian side (Estrael). Purchase is necessary! I can’t help you with that part! ;)

    Estrael is a cozy PvE-RP server, pretty drama-free, and no obligation on your part to stay there – with Rift’s free transfers you are free to transfer off to someplace with a larger population at any time! Please send an in-game mail and let me know if you buy the game and what gear or weapon you’re interested in, so I know who to send things to!