Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Roc, Rock, Drake! Yes, I Stood and Delivered!

Heya! Well before I talk about this cool quest I completed this morning, I just have to say DANGIT! My wife has a song in my head now all because of this blog's title. LOL. She says every time she thinks of "Guard and Defy" that she thinks of the song "Stand and Deliver" by Adam and the Ants.

Sorry about that . . . but it's now this blog's official theme song. hahaha!

Ok, so I fought a few bosses in The Stonefield this morning that were pretty fun fights. These were the three bosses you fight as a part of the Roc, Rock, Drake Quest.

The first boss I encountered was Dyrek the Talon. The fight was so fun the first time, that I had to run back and try it again. Much to my excitement, he even dropped a blue weapon for me as a reward. Check it out:

The next boss I ran to was Gruum the Earthbender. Gruum was fond of splitting into little angry baby pieces of Gruum, which again, made the fight fun and interesting.

After the tricks of the last two bosses, I was expecting this dragon to have something amazing up his sleeve! Unfortunately it was the tamest of the three fights all around. I guess looking cool is a good enough perk . . . and justification for destruction at the hands of Stingite. Goodbye Zexyl the Tainted, I shall miss your prettiness.

I continue to enjoy my time in the The Stonefield. There's been a lot of awesomeness that's happened while I've been here. Flash pick up groups are totally the norm in Rift. I'm loving it!

Happy dueling!

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  1. I think I totally saw Stingite in that Adam and the Ants video with his purple hair! BAM!