Thursday, June 16, 2011

Droughtlands Fun

I've been having a good time in the Droughtlands in Rift. I think I've actually had more fun in Droughtlands than I have in the past 10 levels or so. That also might be why I'm back to recording a few X-fire videos! I have a few to share with you.

1- Stingite in Tiger Illusion.

"Part of a quest in the Droughtlands has you turn into a tiger to help the trip go faster. :)"

2- Stingite vs. Sothul of the Bloodstorm

"Interesting solo Rift boss fight in the Droughtlands. You fight Sothul as part of a quest chain. I didn't really break a sweat but it was a fun fight."

3- Stingite vs. Venom Eye

"Quick solo boss fight. I love the look of these scorpions in Droughtlands, and this gives you a good look at one since Venom eye is larger than normal."

Good times!

I'm really close to dinging 40 now. I can't wait to get my new level 40 FASTER mount. The turtle and the striped Vaiyuu are really starting to feel slow . . . especially when I'm riding behind Dina and getting blown away by her speed.

See you all in Telara!

Happy Dueling!

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