Sunday, November 20, 2011

Where Can I find a Rift Tear?

Hello people,

I haven't been playing much Rift at all, but I got an impassioned plea about a part of the game that I felt I could answer, and since it was my first question ever on this blog . . . what the hey!
"please give me some addvice on rift. I have never played like this before and i am used to wiz 101. Where is a minor rip or tear i which to summon the planar energy?"

Awesome to know you followed me here because of my ties to Wizard101. Feel free to ask questions, and I'll do my best to help.

Ok, to start, just a quick background on Rifts and Tears might help. Click! If you're looking for an explanation of what they are, the Telerapedia does a good job. There's also a video from 2010 where a member of Trion demonstrates how tears work out in the wilds. This link takes you to the important part of the video for the subject at hand.

As far as where you can find these things out in the world . . . well, it'll take you a bit to actually find one. You have to kind of adventure a bit beyond the starting areas before you find one.

I looked briefly for a map to see if there was one that showed where you could find Tears out in the open. I had my hopes pinned on this awesome Rift map tool. You should check that out even though it doesn't have what you're looking for because it's just that awesome.

To be honest, I think most people just run around till they find an open rift and go for it. If you open up your game map by pressing M, you'll probably find little symbols all over it indicating where all the rifts are occurring in a given zone. (Also, this list of basic keyboard commands might help you out as well)

Best of luck out there!

Happy Dueling