Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ding 40!

Yes! 40th! (actually almost ding 42 by now)

Here I am with Dina as we pose with our mounts. I opted for the nimble eldritch silver steed model.


Mine doesn't look as awesome as hers, does it? No . . . I probably have to get to 50th for the deluxe model, but I'm totally holding out for a unicorn.

Anyway, I'm just continuing my questing in the Droughtlands and haven't seen an end to the content yet. I've really enjoyed working up my quasi-inquisitor/purifier build so far. Although! I was quite happy to see that when I switched to a Druid build for the first time just to see what it was like (and dump some money toward the skills since I finally had purchased my horse), that the fairy had pokey-dotted undies!

WHAT THE?! LOL!! Those silly fae.

I'm looking forward to the final stretches to 50! Wish me luck!

Happy Dueling!

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