Friday, June 3, 2011

Twittered news of Trion at E3

There are a few Twitter streams I like to haunt for information on Rift, and as luck would have, today there were a couple really cool tweets!

1- Picture of Trion setting up their booth for E3. The tweet links to Rift's Facebook page, which shows this:

Awesome. You gotta read those facebook comments! XD. here's a good one: "I think that christmas tree is builded wrong..." haha. Also from reading the comments, it looks like perhaps they used this life rift model at the last E3?

2- @Missdoomcookie, who's the Defiant Lore Lead for Rift, posted a link to a Trion game called "Defiance" that will be demo'd at E3. This looks freaking hot!

It's basically an MMO that Trion is collaborating on with Syfy. From what I'm reading, the end result will be a cross-over TV Show and game. This has never really been done before. LOVE the concept.

I'll be tuning in to Twitter for more E3 news from Trion. Let me know if you hear anything good.

Happy Dueling!

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