Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rift is hard to blog about

I have no idea why it's hard for me to blog about Rift, but it is. To make matters worse, its the game I've been playing the most lately too. Every time I think of something to blog about concerning Rift, I kind of think . . . no, that'd be dumb . . . um, so let's see what you think about these things that have gone through my head:

. . . .

I had an idea to blog about the lighter side or the humor of Rift. Humor is there in the game, but it's very subtle. It's about 10x more serious than say, World of Warcraft with its cartoonish features, outlandish dances, and blatant laughs. I would say Rift seems to give you more of a subtle chuckle every once in a while.

For instance, here you see me sitting with the three named squirrels outside Meridian. Perhaps they have some deeper meaning I haven't found yet, but . . . when I saw their names, I smiled.

Another example would be this here Kayfax quest. What you do on this quest is follow this cat around trying to protect it from the wilds, but it ends up morphing into a giant Battlecat-esque tiger and starts calling *you* its pet.

For the price of one piece of planerite, you can unlock a pair of glowsticks and do a few additional dance moves, but it isn't the odd dance move over and over . . . it's like the dance move is only done once during your animation sequence. Again, very subtle humor here.

Or how about this weird doll in the corner of the tavern. Not terribly funny, but I still gave a courtesy laugh.

You know what isn't funny? Dying people.

Maybe that's why it's hard for me to write about this game. It's completely out of my writing style to be too serious. I'm always goofing off and hardly ever serious. It's just in my nature.

. . .

I could write more about my achievement spam, and it would help me understand it more, but meh . . . my whole attitude toward achievement spam lately is a little less than excited. My score is 265 now btw. Slowly but surely. Check out my latest three achievements from Scarwood Reach.

- Top one is for completing 84 quests in Scarwood.
- Next one is for completing the two story arc quests in Scarwood: Hero of the Plains and the Last Command.
- Third one is for killing 200 Aelfwar in Scarwood.

That's just kind of like pretty standard fare for Achievement spam. Meh . . .

. . .

I could also write about my favorite daily quests. like the brawler fight and troll charming in Perspice. AND, I guess I could also talk about the dailies that aren't that great? /shrug

. . .

I can definitely say that Rift is cool. It's a really really slick game. It's hella visually appealing, and you just feel cool while playing it. You know? Perhaps it's that "cool" factor that I need to write more about. What makes this game just so freaking cool? /shrug

. . .

So, hey! I just wrote a blog post about not knowing really what to write about in Rift. Where's my achievement spam for *that* eh? ;-)

So what would you, the reader of this blog, like to hear more about regarding Rift? I don't make any promises, but I'll see what I can do to answer any of your requests (if there are any hehe).

Happy Dueling!

p.s. I don't know, perhaps it's just I'm too busy playing the game to write about it? Less Talkee more Playee? Or maybe it's just I'm too new to talk on anything with any authority? Weird. Thanks for your comments in advance!

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